Pairing of used BMW automatic transmissions (6HP / 8HP)

On BMW X5 / X6 series E70 / E71, as well as BMW 7 series in the body of F01/F02, 5 series F10 / F11 and GT F07 are frequent cases of failure of automatic transmission or its component — mechatronics. Unfortunately, it is not always acquired in the secondary market of used automatic transmission «untethered» from Immobiliser the donor car. In that case installation of such box turns out that having put it on the car it is still immobilized. Simply does not turn on mode D (Drive) or R, as well as there is an error blocking EWS. In this case, we can help You extract the ISN code from the automatic transmission mechatronics and put it in CAS. Thus, we carry out the binding of b\u mechatronics. After that, the automatic transmission will again be able to fully function. Please note that this work is significantly different for ZF series 6HP and 8HP AUTOMATIC boxes.

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